The Writer, Musician And An I.A.S Officer

This is a collection of ghazals written by Hari Om-the famous bureaucrat(IAS) and a popular ghazal singer. This is his first book. This collection contains nearly 70 ghazals which were wrote during the years of 1990s. The young coupled with the dynamism of an young officer visualizes society with an urge to make it better for the poor and downtrodden. The subtle observations of surroundings, deep insights into situations and problems, the quest for equality and the drive to attack the hypocrisy in the dominant classes are the key elements in these ghazals. The tenor and flavor of these ghazals put Hari Om as a writer in the tradition of famous ghazal writer Dushyant Kumar. This is a sheer co-incident that Hari Om also nurtured his sensitivity and sensibility in the city of Allahabad during his college days where Dushyant himself lived and wrote most of his master pieces. The book is a must read for the readers who love something thought provoking. Language is lucid.


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