The Writer, Musician And An I.A.S Officer

This a collection of ten stories written by Hari Om, the famous civil servant, exclusive singer of Faiz in India and more a popular ghazal singer of modern times. The stories range from rural background to the urban and semi-urban settings. The strength of Hari Om lies in his understanding of complex issues and knitting of characters. As an exemplary IAS officer in the field, he picks up his plot from the daily problems and then goes on creating the craft in an interesting manner. His stories are captivating. Reader is engaged in its narration, twists and turns of situations and very lively characters till the end. Hari Om goes into details of the things which makes him a very realistic writer. This is strange that a writer commands the art of story writing embedded both in rural as well as urban settings. Jaihind, Miyan and Amreeka Meri Jaan stories have been very popular when they published. Most of his stories deals with the haunting issue of communal disharmony in the Hindi heartland.


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